Alex Rose-Innes

During Morocco’s first virtual Global Green Forum, held this week, the country’s government once again committed itself to address climate change, loss of biodiversity and pollution.

Aziz Rabbah, the country’s Minister of Energy, Mines and Environment, referred to previous commitments undertaken during the 5th United Nations Environment Assembly and the Conference of African Ministers of Environment held last year. He said that the global pandemic offers an opportunity for sustainable growth, a green and low-carbon economy with Rabbah reiterating the importance of improving Africa’s future.

The minister highlighted the new projects in the country which are part of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development (SNDD) and would include environmental observation, monitoring, control, protection, and enhancement of current structures. Morocco’s commitment to a better planet and a sustainable and green economy for Africa include a reduction of 44.2% in greenhouse gases within the next nine years.

During the virtual conference, attended by various environmental ministers across Africa, as well as major global role players, delegates addressed what green recovery for the continent would entail post-COVID-19. It provided a unique opportunity to exchange new ideas, strategies and a request for increased research among participating countries.

Among the dignitaries were ministers of Rwanda and Gabon, the director of Environment and Classified Institutions in Senegal, the director of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) for Africa and its resident representative in Morocco. Important delegations from various sub-Saharan countries also attended the event which had been hailed as a breakthrough for Africa.