Alex Rose-Innes

Beth Koigi, a female Kenyan entrepreneur’s vision to source water from the air, had not only brought safe and clean drinking water to her country, but is providing an innovative solution to offset the ravages of water scarcity on the African continent.

Majik Water ensures access to clean and affordable water for off-grid communities. This success story, being hailed as the epitome of innovation, became reality after Koigi battled to find drinkable water during her stint at university.

Realising the air contained six times as much water as other natural resources, Koigi harvests this resource, keeping it in “water ATM’s.” Rural communities with no access to regular water supply and too poor to buy water, is now able to withdraw from this “ATM” the amount of clean water they need and can afford at any given time.

“Water ATM’s” had already been popular in Kenya when Kiogi decided to supplement the existing technology with a more affordable version as the available options were still too costly for the poor.

The United Nations predicted that by 2025, almost two billion people, especially those on the African continent, would live in water scarce areas. Koigi realised that many rivers in Kenya had already run dry and that the underground water table had dropped significantly. She designed and produced an air water filter and had already sold more than 5 000 during the last five years, just in Kenya. Air, as an untapped resource, is now, thanks to Kiogi’s invention, providing 50 litres of clean, drinking water to the Ark Children’s Home in Thika in Kenya.

This project works well in areas with high humidity. Even the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in America had latched onto this idea, generated by an African woman who saw a need and provided an affordable and sustainable answer.

The Brave New World documentary, featuring Koigi’s story, is available on Netflix and one could be forgiven for being extraordinarily proud of African innovations such as Majik Water and of Beth Koigi, who is not only changing the lives of her country folk in Kenya, but saving the planet and the future of billions of people.

Targeting scale: 100 litre+ community devices.

Designed for our Kenyan customers, in Kenya

We are in the process of designing and prototyping a solution that offers:

  • Clean water at a low cost
    • Pay per litre of water
    • Works off grid

In 2020, we featured in the Netflix documentary Brave Blue World,