Alex Rose-Innes

Mitigating environmental challenges and creating awareness of the negative impact of the human footprint, had become the driving force behind Olivia P. Livingstone’s Green Stewards Inc. (GSI).

Realising the many environmental needs and shortcomings in her country, Liberia in sub-Saharan Africa, Olivia joined the global movement against climate change by using GSI to educate and create an awareness of the issues the planet is facing.

With her stellar work to combat pollution, this young woman is now at the top of her game with GSI certified by the Environmental Protection Agency of The Republic of Liberia to implement all of its projects. She is also one of the only 25 young leaders and council members across the world to present her views on pollution at a top level summit next year as spokesperson for sub-Saharan Africa. The summit in February would address a zero pollution scenario.

With a Bachelor degree in Environmental Science, her internship was undertaken at Fauna & Flora International in Britain for which she conducted Environmental Impact Assessment and Bio-monitoring surveys in the Sapo National Park in Liberia. As the Founder and Executive Director of GSI, she also developed an awareness-raising campaign against plastic pollution.

Realising the devastating and continuing effects of mismanagement of plastic and chemical products, Olivia threw her weight and expertise behind the drive to combat the damage on human and environmental health these cause.

Certain chemicals caused the deaths of an estimated 1.6 million people globally five years ago. Being aware that the death toll as a result of the chemical industry’s range of harmful products could double by 2030, Olivia joined the international community to develop a new framework for the safe management of chemicals and waste. It would be an uphill battle as the industry was already worth almost 4 trillion US dollars two years ago.

However, with this young leader, (more than half the age of her co-speakers), on board, she would not only put Africa on the map, but ensure a better future for the next generations!